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About Us

As far back as I can remember I have always had dogs. As a child I grew up with Coonhounds and a mixed Terrier. My early adult life found me raising and breeding Labrador Retrievers. Although Labs will always be dear to my heart, I wanted a smaller travel size companion, but not a wimpy little dog. 

I started my research and found the Parson (Jack) Russell Terrier. From the beginning I was attracted to these mischievous little white dogs with clown like personalities. I love their energy, intelligence and non stop entertainment. They are extremely devoted to their human companions. 

Our terriers have won numerous show ring awards, including several All Breed & National Specialty Best in Shows & Multiple groups. To date we have either bred or owned over 60 AKC Champions.

We offer loving pets to our non-showing families and we are equally as proud of our companion/performance dogs. Please feel free to give us a call to “talk terrier” as our world is consumed by this fascinating breed.