Is The Parson Russell The Breed For you?

The Parson Russell Terrier, or Jack Russell Terrier, as it has been known up until April 2003, was recognized by the AKC in July 1997. Competing in the group since April 2000. The Parson Russell has proven to be one tough competitor! Although new to the AKC, the breed has been around since the mid-1800's. The Parson Russell Terrier was first bred in southern England to hunt European red fox for the pleasure of traditional sport. Everything about the Parson Russell Terrier says fox hunting, his conformation, character, attitude, and intelligence. We look forward to presenting our breed, one of the original fox-hunting terriers of the 19th century, to the judges of the American Kennel Club. The Parson Russell AKC Breed Standard is of a well balanced, athletic, longer-legged terrier.


The first word to describe the Parson Russell! He is truly a smart little dog. He is a thinking terrier whose conclusions may not always agree with yours, so respect your PRT but do not under-estimate him, and make sure he abides by your rules rather than you by his. A strong will can often go with great intelligence, but the PRT is eminently reasonable once he knows who is boss. With consistency and guidance, the PRT will be the best friend you have ever had. 


The PRT adores his human companionship. The PRT is good humored, adaptable and loyal. He will bark at strangers but will accept any person his owner wants him to.  He can be territorial about his crate, yard, or run, but is no way a guard dog. The PRT must be strictly trained to leave the family cat or other pets alone. Even though he accedes to your wishes when you are present, do not be swayed and leave him alone and unsupervised with cats, guinea pigs, or the like.

House Training: 

House training is most easily accomplished by crate training. All of our puppies are raised on Purina Dog Litter and we believe helps make the housebreaking transition an easy one. 


Every dog benefits from structured training and will defined expectations and the PRT is no exception. A basic obedience class is wonderful for both terrier and owner. When searching for a qualified instructor, make sure they have experience in "terrier" breeds and never take the advise from someone who believes in training by intimidation methods. It is up to you to teach your terrier the habits you want him to have. 


All Parson Russell Terriers shed, regardless of the coat type. Weekly brushing will go a long way to keeping do hair in the waste basket rather than on the furniture. Many terrier grooming tools are available at internet pet supply shops. As the top coat continues to grow, it will become to long, or what is called "blown". The coat should then be pulled out  or clippered. 


The PRT is an extrovert with a passion for human company and human activity. He is an avid game player, loving all ball sports, especially tennis ball toss. The PRT generally loves the water and many are avid swimmers both on and under the water.  The PRT is an excellent hiking and cross country skiing companion, an d loves any kind of riding from cars to canoes to motor boats to airplanes. If a human being finds an activity fun, so will the Parson. It is the very bond with man that sets the Parson apart, and it comes down in the breed from its very strong working roots. As a house pet the PRT respects house rules once they are clearly defined. He will always prefer the couch to the floor and your bed to the couch! The PRT has a charming, sophisticated, and at times ribald sense of humor, and can always be counted upon to provide comic relief. Once you have lived with a PRT you will always want to have one in your life.