Over the years we have placed several dogs in performance homes. As in the show ring, Fox Valley dogs excel in the performance arena as well. Form follows function and for dogs to do well in performance, they must be built right and a touch of good looks never hurt anyone.

Special thanks to Beth Bowling, John Martin, Sherry Frerichs and Cindi Waller for providing us with these wonderful action shots of Scoot, Echo, Eli, Jemmy & Stoney.

"Participating in performance events with your Parson is extremely fun, although not exactly always easy. This does not mean they are hard to work with; they are very easy to train, just make sure the task is something they want to do. Parsons are very smart and will work endlessly if they find it rewarding to do so. With their athleticism you can do everything from fast exciting sports such as racing or agility to more obedient sports such as Rally. The best part though is they are bound to make you laugh everyday with their antics and the journey of training a Parson far outweighs the ribbons you can earn.After owning a Parson, I know I will never be without one."

Beth Bowling-Ohio