We are pleased to bring you this educational breed information piece borrowed from long time Parson breeder; Pamela Simmons- Corn Row Kennel. Pam's involvement in the breed and continued dedication to preserving the original "type" spans over several decades.
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In the 1990's a group calling themselves the Breeders Association, formed within the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA), an independent registry for the Jack Russell Terrier. Over time members of the Breeders Association (BA) became disgruntled with the politics and restrictions of the JRTCA registry, and became themselves another independent Registry for their style of Jack Russell Terrier. Over time it became apparent that the new BA group could not survive as an organization, so the American Kennel Club was petitioned to accept the Jack Russell Terrier as a new breed.In 2000 this quest was accomplished and the newly recognize Jack Russell Terrier began AKC Group competition. Prior to full admission into the world of dog show competition, however, it was soon discovered that many newly imported Jack Russell Terriers did not meet the AKC breed standard. Around that same time the "Mother Club", The Kennel Club of England, approved a name change for their own registered Jack Russell Terriers to that of Parson Russell Terrier. This move was to define the breed as the Parson Type, the taller and squarer profile style of the Terrier, making the breed distinctly separate from the shorter more rectangular bodied style of dog. Registries around the world had always recognized the Jack Russell Terrier as the "longer and smaller" style of dog and the taller version was known worldwide as the Parson "Type" Russell Terrier. The AKC Breed Club followed suit and with approval from the AKC, renamed its terrier the Parson Russell Terrier.The AKC Breed Standard recognizes the taller more square body style or proportion, measuring between 12"-15". It requires a three generation numbered pedigree certified by an acceptable foreign or domestic registry. The AKC is a closed registry, meaning that it registers dogs on lineage rather the type.

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